Ventiflex PLUS

The Ground-Therm VENTIFLEX PLUS system consists of flexible ventilation ducts, plenum boxes, distribution boxes and additional elements ensuring easy installation of a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system.

The VENTIFLEX system ducts can be easily hidden in the screed, ceilings or under the plaster. In contrast to traditional installations using galvanized pipes, the material which the VENTIFLEX system is made of is fully corrosion resistant.


The antistatic, antifungal and antibacterial properties of the internal coating ensure the required cleanliness of the ventilation system. The internal coating prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus ensuring high air hygiene in the building.

pressure losses

The number of joints and fittings limited to minimum as well as gentle bends of the ducts guarantee minimum pressure loss in the system.


High rigidity and small outer diameter of the VENTIFLEX VTX ventilation ducts allows the system to be installed in the ceiling, under the screed or under the plaster.


High flexibility and low weight of the VENTIFLEX ventilation ducts and fittings ensure quick installation of ducts on a construction site. The system installation with a special spanner and knife is easy and precise.


By maintaining the airflow regime, very good acoustic properties of the ventilation system are achieved.

The VENTIFLEX VTX ducts are designed for the construction of mechanical ventilation systems i.e. distribution systems. Due to the enlarged inner diameter, they are able to pass the following amounts of air (while maintaining a flow rate of 3 m/s):
– VTX-DN75 – 40 m3/h,
– VTX-DN90 – 55 m3/h.

The VENTIFLEX VTX ducts have the Hygienic Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH), which confirms that they meet the hygiene requirements for use.
External layer:
Properties: high strength and mechanical resistance, UV stabilization.
Colour: blue
Internal layer:
Properties: antibacterial (ISO 22196:2011 ) and antistatic layer with very smooth surface. Colour: white

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The modular system of ventilation fittings is a versatile set of plastic components, which can be used to assemble any type of plenum box or distribution box (manifold) in a “minute”. The connections between the fittings are airtight and connection spigots fit perfectly into the ventilation ducts.

The VENTIFLEX PLUS air distribution system has a 30-year warranty on the biocidal coating. Each element of the system contains a protective coating based on microsilver particles, which protects against the multiplication of fungi and bacteria. The reliability of the coating has been confirmed by Polish accredited laboratories.

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Single family

Ground-Therm offers the solutions for people constructing their own house and for developers.

Customers will find the innovative technologies that help to save money, will be energy efficient and healthy for all dwellers.

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Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Our company has been operating on the Polish market for many years and the experience gained during this time allows us to develop modern systems for home. The ventilation systems offered by us are very functional and comfortable to use.

Energy efficient ventilation

A very common cause of feeling discomfort is insufficient air flow in your home. Therefore, we offer the system that has been designed in such a way that its operation is as less noticeable as possible by dwellers and does not generate additional operating costs. The entire mechanism works extremely quietly and low flow resistance makes the system very efficient and not loosing energy. The use of our ground heat exchangers makes the process of heating the rooms to run on very little power.

Ventilation ducts with heat recovery

The most advanced housing systems are equipped with a heat recovery unit that heats incoming air and exhausts cold air outside the building. Although it seems that such an advanced system with a heat recovery unit is expensive to maintain, it is untrue, and small sizes of ducts and other components take up very little space in home.

The system with heat recovery ensures even more efficient work of the entire mechanism.
The offered heat recovery module takes energy and stores it for further use.